EXHadi Exchange Rules

Basic and basic conditions for users to use ExHadi exchange services

The subject of this agreement is the development of basic principles such as rights, duties and responsibilities, as well as the necessary instructions for the user to use the services of the digital currency exchange site, which is for trading digital currencies.

These terms and conditions are set out for the use of the Site, hereinafter referred to as the Digital Currency Exchange Agreement. The agreement also includes “us” for the digital currency exchange team. Users and the site are required to fulfill their obligations under this agreement. Digital currency exchange is subject to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and complies with all regulations governing it.

The provisions of the agreement that we provide and will be implemented after the user agrees and approves (by registering as a user) and also if necessary, the rules and regulations can be amended by us and certainly make any changes. In this agreement, the user will be notified before its implementation date.

The user agrees that:

1- Using the site services means that the user has fully read, understood and accepted the rules, otherwise, he has no right to use the site facilities.

2. The site reserves the right to change the provisions of this agreement at any time by notifying the user in advance.

3- All transactions made by the user are considered correct. Therefore, he is responsible for the protection of the account, password or other information and it is necessary to pay attention to the damages caused by committing violations or financial crimes.

4- Digital currency transactions must be done with awareness and investigation, and the user is responsible for the unintentional loss from the purchase of digital currencies.

5- Our effort will be to provide services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, in the event of an incident such as the suspension of services due to illegal actions of users or third parties, or an error in the services, we will resolve the issue and resume the provision of services. At this time you can submit a recovery request based on trading records. But we can not make up for the losses and losses caused by this time lag.